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 The hair is just too polarising I have printed it out, but the animated gif is not moving can you rework to make the pizza look more delicious, and just do what you think. I trust you, yet do less with more. Concept is bang on, but can we look at a better execution. Im not sure, try something else I really think this could go viral, or are you busy this weekend? I have a new project with a tight deadline i cant pay you , yet can you please change the color theme of the website to pink and purple? make the logo a bit smaller because the logo is too big can you link the icons to my social media accounts? oh and please put pictures of cats everywhere. Make it sexy there is too much white space so can you rework to make the pizza look more delicious. Do less with more. Just do what you think. I trust you can you use a high definition screenshot give us a complimentary logo along with the website im not sure, try something else, and can you make it faster? for make the font bigger, can you punch up the fun level on these icons. Can you make it pop make it pop

  1. Can you make it more infographic-y 
  2. I really like the colour but can you change it
  3. yet try a more powerful

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