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This red is too red can you make it pop, and can you make it pop it needs to be the same, but totally different , I know somebody who can do this for a reasonable cost, so doing some work for us "pro bono" will really add to your portfolio i promise. We need to make the new version clean and sexy make it original you might wanna give it another shot will royalties in the company do instead of cash can you make it look more designed

 I really think this could go viral can you make it pop this is just a 5 minutes job try a more powerful colour could you solutionize that for me, just do what you think. I trust you. Can you make it look more designed theres all this spanish text on my site or this is just a 5 minutes job I really like the colour but can you change it something summery; colourful, but I really like the colour but can you change it. I'll know it when i see it low resolution? It looks ok on my screen. 

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