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 Okay. Well, I figured, what the hell. I'm telling the truth, Doc, you gotta believe me. Shape up, man. You're a slacker. You wanna be a slacker for the rest of your life? I don't wanna know your name. I don't wanna know anything anything about you.

Which one's your pop? Um, well it's a delorean, right? Damn. I'm late for school. Don't worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88 miles per hour, the instance the lightning strikes the tower, everything will be fine. Hi, Marty.

I can't play. Why not? Well, I guess that's everything. Just relax now Calvin, you've got a big bruise on you're head. Kids, we're gonna have to eat this cake by ourselves, Uncle Joey didn't make parole again. I think it would be nice, if you all dropped him a line.

 will. Marty, you seem so nervous, is something wrong? Say, why do you let those boys push you around like that? Yeah, it's in the back. Biff.

Of course, the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance they're supposed to go to this, that's where they kiss for the first time. Our first television set, Dad just picked it up today. Do you have a television? Say that again. Never mind that now, never mind that now. A colored mayor, that'll be the day.

Let him go, Biff, you're drunk. C'mon. Whoa, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that my mother has got the hots for me? This sounds pretty heavy. Oh, you mean how you're supposed to act on a first date.

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